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With over 2 years experience in marketing planning and implementation, Gravmo's Advertising & Public Relations, Worldwide provides more than you expect to get in a boutique advertising agency. We will be your partner in developing in-store traffic, event planning and marketing, brand development and awareness, publicity and web development.

Our experience in industries of auto rental, groceries, orthopedics, tourism, entertainment, education and beverages prepares us to objectively build complete marketing solutions to reach a wide range of consumers, as well as businesses.

We not only want to anticipate your every marketing need, we want to fulfill them. In other words, it’s okay to expect more.

4 Reasons to Work With Us!


  • Although we might get a thrill out of the hunch as much as the next person, it is moderated by proper and thorough research of product, audience and competitive profile. 


  • While we have the expertise of Peachtree Street, we are more affordable than the big agencies you might find there or on Madison Avenue. You’ll be hard pressed to find this type of finesse at our costs 


  •  Nothing beats someone knowing marketing through experience. Because of the sheer volume and events, advertising and public relations we have produced, we’ve gained the undeniable track record for success. 


  • Sure, many parties might talk the talk, but few are able to walk it through to completion the way we will do it. You will be amazed with our delivery and commitment to your project or brand 


Media Relations

Publicity and media endorsement is priceless to your brand. Our press releases evoke interest from media by relevancy to their markets and audiences. 

Planning and Marketing

Our success for business planning, as well as marketing them, is based on our ability to deliver on promises. As an agency whose integrity is built on follow-through your only regret is that you did not discover us sooner 

Brand Development

The perception we build for your brand is not based on a hunch, but effective research we provide for you 

Contact us for a Paid Call Consultation!

 The 30 minutes call will go over the following:

  • Provide guidance on competitor marketing and research techniques. 
  • Lead Gen content & viral marketing strategy plan.
  • Show Facebook & Instagram core tools and make sure everything is set up correctly.
  • Provide you with marketing & advertising strategy techniques for your business.
  • Answer any specifics you have about social media marketing & Advertising.

Content Marketing

The marketing environment has become the content environment

 At the core, we're a content agency. That’s because all communications are now brand communications. Medium, schmedium. We bring creativity and strategic insight to every point of influence in the marketing continuum.

What inspires the best content is a deep appreciation of who's watching (or reading) and how everything is connected. The dimensions across which brand communications exists—from advertising to public relations and from collateral to search marketing and earned media—are most effective when integrally and inventively linked by a masterful narrative thread. Said another way, storytelling trumps tactics. Every time.


A content agency is far more than a collection of specialized functions. Underneath how myriad communications tactics work is the magic of what makes them effective and deeply relevant. The Karma Agency masterfully builds brands by developing a vision for their narrative potential – and then executing on it.


Brand Development

A brand is a bottom line asset, worthy of diligent guardianship. We understand how brands connect to stakeholders and curate that relationship through visual, verbal and experiential dimensions. 


We bring our clients a blend of research tools, analytical expertise and account planning that pinpoints and rationalizes a unique, customer-centric approach for each media channel–as important for project work as it is for a layered marketing approach. 


We have extensive understanding of how to effectively manage issues, news, opinion and influencer relationships. Our aim is to uphold stakeholder confidence through forthright communications and actions that consistently add value to the critical asset of business reputation. 

News & Opinion

Earned media influences opinions and outcomes what people believe and ultimately how they act or respond. We bring our clients innovative approaches to creating news value and insight about message strategy. 

Campaign Strategies

Ours is a robust process in practice but quite simple at face value: drag a wide net across our clients’ inner-workings, create a nuanced message dashboard on every front from the CEO to the interns, then winnow everything down into one sharply unusual insight to inspire every communication it propagates. 

Content Creation

We are media agnostic and content centric–what defines our work is the ability to use creativity to drive branded content through whichever medium best suits your audience and strategy. 

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